Abtal360 is a gaming organization that has been gaining traction in the Arabic speaking community. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just a FIFA esports enthusiast, Abtal360 offers a unique tournaments that’s worth checking out. With their growing influence in the industry, it’s worth exploring what they are planning for the upcoming months.

Introducing a deep insight into the gaming industry and building a serious community in the region, Abtal360 has recently announced the idea of opening a brand new portal for official gaming tournaments.

Introducing Abtal360

Abtal360 has been specifically created for the Arabic speaking community. It was introduced to fill a gap. While the USA and South Korea dominate the gaming industry in terms of community, with European countries coming close behind.

Abtal360 is an organization specialized in the creation and distribution of content, live streaming applications and events, as well as e-sports events. Over its history, it’s hosted and organized both online and offline gaming events.

Mainly focused on the FIFA franchise, Abtal360 has the primary aim to bring Arab speaking gamers together in a tight community. So far, the organization has managed to get more than 15,000 players in what became the strongest Arab speaking community in the industry.

Most of the players and fans come from Saudi Arabia, but countries like the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Egypt and Kuwait have their fair share of representatives too. About 30% of the entire community comes from other Arab speaking countries.

The organization is available over multiple social media networks, with TikTok, Instagram and YouTube dominating the charts. It has its own network of gaming enthusiasts that reaches more than 300,000 followers.

Abtal360 upholds rigorous standards when it comes to live streaming. It’s known for organizing events and has further expansion plans to dominate the MENA region in terms of gaming.

The Rise of the UAE Gaming Scene

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is witnessing a significant surge in the esports industry. With governments investing heavily in both technological and “soft” infrastructure the country is attracting a range of esports talent.

These initiatives are essential components of a thriving esports ecosystem. The UAE’s strong diversification strategy, which involves investing billions of dollars into various initiatives to diversify the economy, has resulted in the allocation of large sums of money to projects and sectors such as esports and gaming.

In terms of gamers, the MENA region can easily compete against other countries and communities. With all these, just like everywhere else in the world, only a few players can actually make it big. In fact, according to gaming professionals, out of millions of gamers, only a bunch can make a living.

While each event employs hundreds or even thousands of people, many of them are related to the organization side of the tournament, from cameramen to designers. Despite hundreds of gamers gathering up to compete, only the top can actually make a difference in the later stages.

Further Expansion and Events

Abtal360 is aware of all these, and despite gathering a viewing exceeding millions through its content, the people behind the organization believe there’s much more to achieve.

Thus far, it has had the opportunity to be involved in some exceptional collaborations and tournaments. It has scored partnerships and sponsored tournaments with companies like Gilette and Al Jazira Club and in the private tournament sector they organized a tournament for SAIB Bank in KSA. In terms of physical events, it made appearances at the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE and a few RedBull events.

In terms of private tournaments for the community itself, Abtal360 has managed to get The Saudi Investment Bank involved as well.

But as the community is shattered over more networks, Abtal360 is ready for expansion and wants to introduce a new gaming portal for gamers from all over the world.

Specialized in content, live streaming, tournament management and events, Abtal360 will soon launch a website responsible for organizing all sorts of online events for gamers. These competitions will undoubtedly come with their own set of prizes, attracting top-tier players and teams from around the world to compete.

The organization is already organizing some of the most intense FIFA competitions out there, but the new portal is likely to take it to another level.

It’s an ambitious project that aims to dominate the gaming industry all over the world. In-house streamer @88 will most likely host and comment on the events as well, bringing fans closer to their favorite gamers.

A New Portal for Gaming Competitions

So far, Abtal360 has mainly partnered with large international organizations to host and organize events. Partnering up with Gilette, for example, Abtal360 has created some of the biggest FIFA events in the Arab speaking world.

Over 8,000 players joined that time, including world renowned FIFA champion Dossary. The event brought in over 10 million impressions, and that was only the beginning.

Apart from continuing its successful collaborations, Abtal360 aims to launch its own gaming portal soon, for fans from all over the world to come together and compete against each other, with a primary focus on the Arab speaking world.

The project is still under development, but it has already garnered a tremendous amount of attention due to Abtal360’s current reputation as a tournament organizer. The organization is nearing completion of the project and will soon announce the launch of the website.

If an organization can host events and tournaments at such an impressive scale, its proprietary portal is likely to impress the audience with a completely new experience.

There are no official dates for the official release yet, but stay updated on Abtal360’s social media platforms for the latest news and official announcement of the website. We will also update this article once the site is available.