With unmatched emotion, Yuliana Grasman, better known as Afra, expressed her gratitude to all those who in one way or another supported her to participate in her first Valorant tournament.

The drifting champion, youtuber, influencer and a gamer, has managed to win third place in a challenging and intense tournament of the popular video game “Valorant”.

A competition and a challenge

The event organized by Four04Esports and BenQ Middle East, took place at the Pixoul Gaming in Abu Dhabi. This competition has become the meeting point for professional players, and for fans of the well-known video game.

In this 2023 edition of the event, Afra decided to participate with the support of the tournament sponsors, and with the support of her fans and friends.

Considering that in the championship, she would be facing experienced players and nerf level avatar holders, Yuliana spent not much time in valorant game , she went there not knowing what to expect, she was practicing and training. Prior to the challenging tournament, the gamer spent eighty days to develop her abilities, skills and response time in the game.

Although for many these eighty days would not seem enough, especially considering the expertise of the other competitors, Afra made the decision to try it and do her best to face her opponents.

Valorant is a hero shooter-style video game that takes place in the first person and is set in the near future. Each player represents an agent, and each of the agents comes from different countries and cultures around the world.

That is why you must have various skills among which is displacement, strategy, speed of action, handling defensive weapons, among many others.

A challenge Yuliana faced by playing Deathmatch, her nickname was meshakl.

A place on the Valorant podium

This tournament represented Afra’s first experience in the world of video game competitions. In addition, it was the first time that the gamer had to use the keyboard and mouse to control the movements in a video game. All these challenges were overcome thanks to the determination and hard work of Afra, who managed to position herself in third place on the Valorant podium.

The influencer greatly appreciated the opportunity to participate in an event filled with a lot of positive vibes, exciting challenges, and people who, like her, love video games.

The excitement of knowing that she had won third place in the tournament made Afra jump up from her chair, raise her arms and let out a scream that was heard throughout the venue. It was a very spontaneous way of expressing her happiness, seeing the fruits of her efforts and the support of her friends and loved ones. The price value 300 US Dollars.

Afra and her experience in the Valorant tournament

Regarding this experience, Afra tells us a little bit:

I didn’t know that I would be participating in a tournament so quickly! I thought it would still take me a few months to break in, but I was sharing my journey to radiant on my on Twitch. I stream almost every day, but I’ve had good days and some bad.

However, it was through Twitch that Arshiya invited me to this event that was scheduled for 4 days, and I accepted this challenge. And I invited my friends with who I usually play the most. So basically I had no idea that I wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t preparing for a particular tournament, but I was just determined to continue my journey, and when the opportunity came, I jumped at it no matter what.

I had a luck as well to met amazing couple who supported me and I’m grateful.
I think that when you love something and your instinct tells you to continue on your way, you just have to follow it.

In this way, Yuliana continues adding successes in her multifaceted career, while she continues to enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, and to acquire greater knowledge and skills in her gamer facet.

We are sure that we will continue to see unmatched moments and new achievements by the popular youtuber, in her different fields of performance.