FromSoftware does not fool around when it comes to its releases – one big title after another and more and more notoriety with every new game. The next big fish has been officially announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference from 2019. The company brought out an enticing and dark trailer, but the name has also been put out – Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring release date has not been officially announced though. However, there are a few things everyone knows and they are quite exciting. First of all, the setup is in a horror world created by two huge names – R. R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki. It is no surprise George R. R. Martin has taken it easier on Game Of Thrones books if he is involved with video games as well.

There are a few other things the audience is aware of. Most importantly, the two great minds behind the game pretty much guarantee for a beautiful world with grim elements and a haunting feeling. So, what else do you need to know about Elden Ring?

Elden Ring release date – Any clues?

The Elden Ring release date is expected to October 2020. It is being worked on for more than two years, after Dark Souls III DLC came out at the beginning of 2017.

So far, fans did not have to wait for too long after being introduced to a future release. For example, Sekiro was announced at The Game Awards of 2017 and the audience had to wait for about a year. Given the long time since the announcement was made, the Elden Ring release date should be anytime soon. More importantly, it will most likely be a hit, as such a long time clearly underlines a complex RPG.

No further announcements have been made since the initial trailer. The E3 2020 is under a question mark now with the global pandemic haunting the world. Fans can only hope that it will be anytime soon – after all, more and more countries relax restrictions and people can get back to work.

Elden Ring gameplay – Any news?

The trailer was quite interesting. FromSoftware released a teaser regarding the upcoming RPG. However, the trailer is quite limited in details. For example, fans cannot see anything regarding the gameplay. But then, there are a few connections with the Celtic folklore – particular one character known as Nuada, who is popular in the Irish history.

The gameplay in Elden Ring will most likely be difficult. The fans have been told to expect harsh fights and lots of big bosses that will give you headaches. The gameplay will be similar to what you have in Dark Souls – every move and swing must be carefully planned for a good final result.

Some weapons and ideas have been revealed, but they are not 100% accurate. There will be lots of common aspects with other RPGs. Plus, the main focus will probably be on the magic element – different from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Fans expect a different approach because of George R. R. Martin’s involvement. There will probably be a soft, yet dark side of the story. Scenes will be heavier and gain more meaning – not just to underline a story. Players will have the ability to design their own characters, interact and control every single aspect.

Elden Ring worlds – What to expect

While similar to Dark Souls from some points of view, Elden Ring will also have its own particularities. Everyone is waiting for the Elden Ring release date to discover its unique aspects. When it comes to the world where everything takes place, it will be an open world. The gameplay will adapt based on the player’s experience – exploration, battles and stories. In other words, every player will discover a different experience.

Hidetaka Miyazaki has been constantly questioned about the game in a few interviews. He released a few other details to keep fans interested. For example, Elden Ring will not have any settlements, villages or towns. You can explore everything around, but settlements would be a little too much and details might feel a little overwhelming for players. Instead, he agreed that the company works on a factor that it is best at.

This is definitely a different game. The lack of settlements and the open world exploration will change players’ tactics and ideas. Sure, a new game is extremely challenging for both developers and players, but the difference will most likely draw lots of positive attention. If you expect something similar to Dark Souls, you better get ready to shift your style, as it might be a bit old fashioned.

Elden Ring story – Will there be one?

Definitely! Details regarding the story are vague and there is not much to guess about, but knowing George R. R. Martin, there will definitely be a story. The teaser is clearly inspired from the Celtic history. Given the open world status, the game will probably bring in a series of kingdoms warring each other.

There are a few leaks out there. Some of them are just assumptions, but others seem to keep repeating. There will probably be eight different kingdoms out there and each of them is connected to another through a common area. The so called field will be a central hub.

Again, these are just rumors, but George R. R. Martin’s involvement almost guarantees for a story. Considering the author’s experience with Game Of Thrones, the story involving kingdoms actually makes sense. Only time can tell whether or not these rumors are true.

Other than that, George R. R. Martin goes beyond the main story. Apart from the main story, he is also involved with the mythology behind it.

Bottom line, it is hard to estimate the Elden Ring release date given the pandemic and the lack of recent announcements, but there is a decent chance FromSoftware will come out at some point in 2020 and notify fans about a new release within a few months.