Nothing beats the kind of game where you choose the ending. Letters from the Moon gives players the opportunity to make various decisions in game – the type of decisions that will affect the plot and final outcome.

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This Letters from the Moon review will give you all the information you need – is it worth it?


You are Dorothy Chen – the first Chinese-American female in space. You end up on the moon, but the landing capsule malfunctions and you end up crashing. Luckily, you survive, but rescue is days away, so you need to survive.

As you explore the area, you find an underground city built by aliens – abandoned, but with many functional elements. One of them is a robot cat that acts like a tutor and teaches you about the dangers around – from mutant dogs to aggressive robots.


The gameplay is fairly simple to understand if you have read those choose your own adventure books as a kid. You will have an inventory and a bunch of items you can find throughout the game. The decisions you make in the game affect the final result – there are six different scenarios for this story, as well as 30 different endings – so you can replay it over and over again to unlock all of them.


The game is designed for both computers and mobile devices. Most mobile devices will be able to run it with no issues at all. When it comes to computers, you will need a 64-bit processor, Windows 7 or newer, 4MB or RAM and 90MB of storage space. According to pretty much every Letters from the Moon review out there, the game is not extremely rich in graphics, so any graphics card will do.


Dorothy Chen is the main character in the game. She is portrayed by Ginny You, who borrowed her voice for the game. Jiqi is another popular character – the holographic cat responsible for teaching Dorothy everything about Anthria, the underground city, and its dangers. Whether Dorothy survives based on these teachings is entirely up to you – the player.


The game is developed by Azagaya, with Stephen Weese acting as the main designer. Apart from Ginny You, John Kreitzer is also part of the development team – responsible for the music. The cover art is designed by Kat Haynes, while Kay Keithley Chan and Katherine Kunstmann are responsible for the interior art.


The design is simple and straightforward – you do not have to be an avid gamer to figure it out. Expect lots of 2D designs and a comic book style. It is user-friendly and intuitive, so you will get used to it within minutes only.


Bottom line, this Letters from the Moon review should give you a pretty good idea about what to expect from this title. The game aims to bring back the choose your own adventure style from the 1980s and the 1990s, but with a more actual and exciting storyline that will hook you in straight away.

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