There are a lot of monetizing options which are not allowed on certain social media sites. For example, direct affiliate links on Facebook is a grey zone. Instagram does not even allow any links under the posts.

We tryed to collect the most important todos to utilize your connections and traffic generated by your profile. Decide which point is suitable for you or your business. In long term this is the way of an influencer.

1. Have a website in your own topic

Why is it good?

  • You could freely use affiliate programs and links on your site, and switch between them whenever you want. Of course there are partners which are only available with only one platform (Platforms: Amazon AffiliatesCJ AffiliateEnvato Market Affiliate)
  • Do you have a nice logo, brand? Go and start merchandising. There are several platforms where you only have to upload your logo and design. The rest will be handled by the platform. (Platforms: Design by HumansStreamlabs MerchRepresentTeepublic and Teespring)
  • You could insert ads into your site where you will paid after visits and clicks (Platform: Google Adsense)
  • Use your site to sell your quality photos (Platform: Shutterstock)

Revenue streams

  • Affiliate commissions (5%–10% per sale)
  • Ad revenue
  • Merchandising revenue (10%-25% per sale)


  • Register a domain (Godaddy, Namecheap)
  • Have a hosting provider (Hostgator, Hostpapa)
  • Buy a custom WordPress theme, and create a landing page (Themeforest, Elegant Themes)
  • Have an E-mail marketing partner (AWeber)
  • Write valuable articles at least 500 characters, SEO compatibility is important (Hire a writer on Fiverr)

2. Go Twitch and Youtube

If you have live content (unique video content) it is a good option to you.

Why is IT good?

  • The most engaging way to interact with followers, you may receive direct money from subscriptions (Platform: Twitch)
  • If you are a creative content creator, consider asking for monthly or one-time donation (Platforms for online bank account: PaypalPayoneerStripeSkrill) (Platforms for asking donation: Ko-fiPatreonStreamlabs if you are on Twitch)
  • Ads in case of Youtube and Twitch also an option, your can set these up easily on your dashboard

Revenue streams

  • Revenue from subscriptions (50–60%)
  • Ad revenue
  • Donations (there is only transaction fee 1–2%)


  • Register on Youtube and Twitch
  • Setup a streaming gear for live broadcasting and/or editing videos
  • Obtain the necessary software components (Online Broadcasting Software, Streamlabs, Shotcut)
  • Stream and publish content as frequently as you can (if you are good enough it could be a full-time job later on)

3. Create an e-book on Kindle

If you have plenty of self-written unique content, then you may edit it into a form of an e-book.

Why is IT good?

  • Easy to sell and no extra work after you publish and market your book (Platform: KDP)

Revenue stream

  • Royalty (approx. 30% of sales)


  • Find a good title and catchy description
  • Create a professional cover
  • Edit your text into a form of a non-fiction book
  • Publish and do some marketing (this is where you use your existing following base)