Starlite Racing is a sim racing game that uses electric-powered cars and is a component of Sirius Play Studio. Sim racing is an abbreviation for “simulated racing,” an esports genre in which computer software creates simulation which will usually match the exact feeling and aspects of real-life car racing, such as fuel consumption and tire damage. The driver must therefore be aware of driving basics to enjoy the experience.

Starlite Racing pre-launch at W Hotel, The Palm Jumeirah led guests into experiencing breathtaking entertainment from the super-powerful cars using the virtual road action. Starlite Racing aim is to introduce Starlite Racing League, an online sci-fi racing video game that is mainly focused on the competition, into being a component of Formula-1 and Formula- E.

Starlite Racing League intends to bring together the gathered audience into a very interesting virtual world with the racing start point being Africa, travelling across Asia and finally to North America, which is usually the final destination. The race covers a distance of 2000km.

What Makes Starlite Racing Interesting?

Starlite Racing is categorized as the fastest racing game to ever exist with the speed ability being able to match that of sound. The League combines perception-based G-forces with a real cockpit view.

Starlite Racing utilizes the complete power of the unreal engines of the cars and offers a highly realistic first-person crash dynamic. The players and fans involved engage in exploring the gaming system. Players can upgrade the machines with a variety of customizable parts and this allows for machine powering for velocity racing success and domination against their opponents. The competitive nature of Starlite Racing is highly enjoyable.

The high attention to detail in Starlite Racing League especially in creating the simulators, testing them and the challenge it offers during the race, is incredibly impeccable. The graphics are highly advanced and realistic to provide the gamers with an unforgettable experience.

Customized simulation within the pipeline offers the players an optimized experience that can be compared to Formula-1 live watching.

Building a Unified Community of Sim Racers

This type of racing creates a worldwide federation of drivers where they race with the aim of outranking each other. Starlite Racing League offers 20 worldwide races identified as “Grands Prix” for all seasons except the local championship races. The points system is used to identify the season’s “World Champion” after the evaluation of the race results.

Worldwide simulator licensing clubs have been established for racers to go, train and engage in the local championships. The vision is to have a loyal community of individuals that can participate in the same game type and even race in a similar simulator.

The other goal is to offer everyone access to a simulator for racing so as to democratically race. Chad Lau, the founder, freely expressed that the Starlite Racing League community wants to break from the norm of the racing industry being highly dominated by the society’s highly influential persons and men. Everyone despite their social status or gender, can freely join and compete in the race.