In the gaming industry, he is known as Summit1g. In real life, his friends and family call him Jaryd.

Jaryd Lazar or Summit1g is one of the most popular gamers in the world. He is a leading Twitch streamer, but also a competitive CS:GO player. He became a worldwide celebrity by streaming CS:GO games, as well as WarZ battles. However, he has streamed a plethora of other games while they were popular, not to mention a few beta games.

All in all, his career and personal life go further than just popular games. While he is, indeed, one of the leading names for gamers when it comes to discovering new techniques, his life is more than just killing enemies over the Internet.

From Hungary to worldwide fame

Jaryd Russell Lazar was born on the 23rd of April, 1987. He was born in Orange Country, CA, USA. He has mentioned that he has Hungarian roots. In fact, his last name is quite common in Hungary. There are not too many details known about his parents or other siblings, but he mentioned he has a younger brother.

Summit1g’s passion for games – especially action games – is not new at all. In fact, he used to draw the CS dust map on papers in high school, then develop strategies for his team. He and his friends used to apply these strategies later on over the Internet. In other words, his dream has been building up for many years.

These days, Summit1g lives in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. His personal life was often brought to the public attention, especially among gamers. He was married to Desirae between 2013 and 2016. The two were together for years and shared a common passion – they were both streaming. Unfortunately, it came to an end in 2016.

Other details about Summi1g’s personal life are not really known. However, he was linked with lilchiipmunk – a fellow streamer. Known as Caroline, the streamer is famous for her sexy shots and appearances. It was nothing official to a certain point, when Caroline posted a picture with the two of them during the winter holidays.

Becoming a full time streamer

Summit1g was streaming long before he became famous. It was not a job. It was not a career. It was not a money making opportunity either, but just a hobby for fellow gamers. He decided to take it seriously in 2012, when he began streaming full time. Prior to this decision, he was a customer service team member for Time Warner Cable – not so much future prospect.

He opened his YouTube channel by 2013. He was only streaming video games. He gained notoriety posting videos of Infestation: Survivor Stories (better known as War Z among old school gamers). His passion for CS:GO brought in a series of videos as well. During the same year, he began competing at a professional level in all kinds of CS:GO events.

A general live streaming session brings in anywhere between 20,000 and 30,000 viewers on average. Various events can make these numbers skyrocket. For example, Summit1g played in Team Magic during the CS:GO ECS event. The qualifiers broke all the records for this competition with over 90,000 live viewers.

Other than that, his personal best was achieved in April, 2020. He streamed a limited beta version of Valorant. The game was not released yet, so he was one of the few lucky players to get his hands on it before officially coming out. There were over 310,000 viewers watching him live as he explores the new game.

These days, Summit1g activates on more social media platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or ESEA. He is mostly popular on Twitch, where he streams his games in real time. He has more than five million followers. For 2018, he was the most followed streamer on the network. He is among the top names in general, being surpassed by a few other gamers only.

Boosting a personal net worth overnight

These days, Summit1g is said to have a net worth of around $1.5 million. His earnings come from multiple directions. Most of them are over Twitch and YouTube. He streams live in front of dozens of thousands of people, while his videos over YouTube generate money through ads.

Apart from making money over social media platforms, Summit1g has a bunch of good financial partnerships as well. For example, according to his Twitch profile, he has partnered with Corsair Components, CyberPower PC, Monster Energy and Audio Technica. He advertises for their stuff by using it or mentioning it.

Given his exquisite popularity, Summit1g also sells a bunch of official merchandise items. He has his own line of individualized products, whether you are interested in backpacks, hoodies, cups, hats, shirts and so on. All of his personalized items are created by Design By Humans.

Last, but not least, like all Twitch streamers, Summit1g can take donations as well, although this is one of the least significant sources of income for the popular streamer. The streamer is known for a lot of charity work too, especially with the nonprofit organization Gamers Outreach Foundation.

Funny moments in Summit1g’s life

The DreamHack Open even for CS:GO in 2016 brought in Summit1g, who caused a fatal mistake – he killed himself with a Molotov cocktail. Eventually, his team lost the game and kissed $250,000 goodbye. It was one of the costliest mistakes ever made in the history of this competition.

On another funny occasion, he was funnily trash talked by Michelle Rodriguez. He was supposed to teach her how to play while fighting a few opponents – H1Z1 Pro League in April, 2018. Instead, the actress trash talked him in the funniest possible way.

Bottom line, Summit1g is the perfect example of a solid growth over the Internet. He had about 50,000 followers in the fall of 2013. Two years later, he had over a million followers and numbers kept going up – everything because of following his passion and dreams with a serious attitude.