Often known as Sumail, Syed Sumail Hassan is one of the best Dota 2 players in the world and a recognized name in the gaming industry. His name gained notoriety in 2015, after he won The International 2015 competition with his team.

Personal life

Sumail was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in February, 1999. His family moved to the USA later on, so he currently lives in Rosemont, Illinois. He has six siblings. Whether it comes to interviews or streams, he keeps his personal life private, so there is not too much info about it.

Career life

Sumail began his Dota experience when he was only seven years old. As his family moved to the USA, he started playing in the North American Elite League. His skills propelled him overnight – he became the highest rated player in the league. At that time, he was not a professional player, but just an unsigned talent who grabbed everyone’s attention.

His professional career started in 2015, when Evil Geniuses signed him up. The team joined the Dota 2 Asia Championships with a simple strategy – drafting around Sumail. His breakout performance left everyone speechless and he became one of the youngest and most influential Dota 2 players in no time. This was only his breakout though. Evil Geniuses finished first.

The crew joined The International 2015 with the clear intention to win the tournament. The finals did not start well for Evil Geniuses, but the team turned everything around and won the tournament eventually – as well as $6.6 million in prizes. At this point, Sumail became the youngest player in the world to reach $1 million in esports earnings.

2015 was another great year for Syed Sumail Hassan. The Time magazine named him among the top 30 most influential teenagers of the year. In other words, the magazine has recognized his popularity. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses won a few other tournaments – at a lower scale though. Things ended in 2019, when Sumail and Evil Geniuses decided to split.

The split was announced in the fall of 2019. Syed Sumail Hassan joined Quincy Crew. His brother Yawar was also part of the deal, so the crew adopted the siblings. The collaboration did not work out too well, unfortunately. It barely lasted a few weeks. The team manager agreed that Sumail was not the right fit for them. While he is an extraordinary player, his style simply would not match the team’s style.

Syed Sumail Hassan did not spend too much time without a team though. A few months later – in January, 2020 – he signed with OG. Based in Europe, the team is known for winning The International 2018 and 2019 editions. Plus, the team has players winning competitions in other games as well, so this collaboration is likely to produce some interesting results.

Bottom line, it is easy to tell what makes Syed Sumail Hassan one of the most popular players in Dota 2 and his career has only just started. Only time can tell how far he can get. A good question what will happen on TI 10 and beyond life after Dota 2.