LIVE ARTICLE (last updated: 08/05/2021)

It looks like the coronavirus has changed everyone’s plans for the summer and Dota 2 fans make no exception either. Started in 2011, The International is a worldwide tournament gathering together the best Dota 2 players in the world – the legends and the people who you read about in gaming magazines.

The International 10 2020 is basically the 10th anniversary of this tournament. You could watch it live over the Internet or get yourself a ticket to attend it in person. However, it looks like no addict will travel to Stockholm, Sweden, this year.

Valve has recently announced that The International 10 will take place in Bucharest (Romania) in October 2021. The event is one of the latest tournaments to be affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. In other words, what was supposed to be the biggest electronic sports tournament in history has been postponed.

The tournament was due during August, 2020. It would have spread over multiple days. The main event was to be held between the 18th and the 23rd of August. Organizers have booked the Ericsson Globe arena. The venue can take 16,000 people and was almost sold out months before the event.

According to the official statement by Valve, it seems that the company is unable to come up with a specific date. Organizers believe the event will most likely take place in 2021. The virus trajectory is unknown, while local gathering restrictions are extremely volatile, not to mention travel policies.

Sweden is known for tackling the coronavirus pandemic in a completely different way compared to other countries. Practically, the government opted for mass immunization by not implementing any restrictions at all, yet things may always change in the near future.

There is no confidence in regards of a specific date for The International 10 2020. Meanwhile, Valve has announced working hard to organize the DPC season. The season is scheduled to come up in the fall season and requires proper restructuring.

What to do now

So, The International 10 2020 is delayed, what do you do now? Obviously, fans will be disappointed – especially those who already booked flights or hotels. But then, you have to see the bright side – there will be many more online Dota competitions, which are just as exciting and entertaining.

An exciting online event will be ESL One Birmingham that went into a fully online tournament.

Battle Pass TI 10 (2020)

At this point, fans will probably ask themselves – what happens to the Battle Pass then? The in game item is often used to fund the prize pool for The International. The Battle Pass came out on the 25th of May, despite the event being delayed, the Battle Pass is unchanged for this summer. The starting package starts at $9.99, Level 50 Bundle $29.35 and Level 100 Bundle at $44.99.

This year’s main feature are the Guilds, which means you can make with a group of 50 friends a team. There are special challanges just for the Guilds and you could collect points for the Guild with every match you play.

Another feature for this summer is the Battle Gauntlet, which basically provides an extra challange for players achieving higher Tiers and rewards.

Community Match Predictions are almost like betting within the game, of course without money. Battle Pass owners will see some featured matches, where they can predict the outcome of the match, earning points with it.

The Battle Pass is a money maker for Valve. In 2019, fans spent more than $33 million on it.

Bottom line, it is hard time for everyone, whether it comes to The International 10 2020 or everyday activities in real life. One thing is for sure – the main event will take place eventually, but keep an eye on updates and news. Meanwhile, stick to online gaming.