In our last article we wanted to help to put together a usable configuration for streaming. In this article we collected a handful of tips which make your Twitch channel outstanding. We know that lot of things will be familiar to you, but it is always good to see them in one place.

MUST-Have elements

First of first the following elements of your Twitch channel should be look professional. Any cheap or lame solution could result lower engagement from the audience, but if you manage to build up a good brand with a pro like outlook, it is a good start for something bigger.

  • Brand logo – Have a nice logo for your channel is always a good start. People will recognize your brand easier.

  • Stream Overlay – It could be also minimalist, but using your brand’s colors and having a nice layout is a must. Remain organized when we speaking about overlay, remember less is more.

  • Opening, break and closing scenes – To be honest I like animated solutions in this, with a countdown timer that indicates what will happen next. Most of the people see that the stream starts in 4 minutes they simply leave the browser open.
  • Quality panels – You have messages to present? Go ahead, share your paypal donation link, setup information (with affiliate links) about information and your social links. More you share with your audience the more authentic your profile would be. Don’t forget this section is also available if you are offline, so it have a 24/7 life, this is why so important.

One place is good to order the above services is Fiverr, where you can have a nice design for a cheap price (remember select quality service providers) an other alternative could be Envato market where you can find a lot of designers with Twitch experience.

Nice to have elements

  • Emotes – Having custom emotes makes your channel cool, and offer an extra value for followers and subscribers. After several months your channel will require these design elements anyway.
  • Animated alerts – Maybe it isn’t always visible, but it is a good feeling when you see a costume nice alert for certain actions, not just for you visitors but also for your soul. (like Streamlabs‘ alert box)