Valorant is the hottest topic in the gaming industry today. It is like a brand new nightclub that everyone waits to open up. People are queuing up in front of it and can barely wait to taste the excitement. All in all, the game is finally ready to meet the audience and make a good impression.

Some people were lucky enough to get a feel of Valorant. A bunch of people were given beta codes, so they could test drive the game before its official release. Most other people were not that lucky, but the waiting is almost over. The Valorant release date is close and ready to take the world over.

Riot – the name behind Valorant – has made a big name in online gaming. With League of Legends as its main release, the studio had taken the venture even further with the upcoming game – a first person shooter with a few magic elements.

The team based shooter gained even more notoriety as streams leaked out over the Internet. A few lucky players and streamers were given a code, so they could try out the game. Now, after months of waiting, Valorant is ready to get introduced to the world. Here is everything you should know about it.

Valorant release date – How soon?

Valorant will come out on Windows computers. It will be released on the 2nd of June, 2020. It has been more than a month since the closed beta version came out. Released on the 7th of April this year, Valorant made a few gamers and streamers happy. However, they will have to go offline for a bit.

The game will take a break once the beta version is over. It will go offline and stay like this until the 2nd of June. At that point, it will be available for download on the official website. It will be available for free across most of the world – some areas may experience a few problems.

The release is likely to see an impressive amount of players out there. In order to prevent crashes and lags, Riot has also come up with a few additional servers across the world – London, Dallas, Madrid, Atlanta and Warsaw. In other words, if you saw streams of the beta and you thought they were good, the extra servers will bring in even more smoothness.

Valorant gameplay – What to expect

Valorant brings in five players and two teams. The team who defeats the other will win the deathmatch – simple as that. While the concept is not new, it brings in a different kind of pace, as well as specific types of skills. In other words, teamwork and balance will make the difference in the long run.

You do not have to worry about others having a head start. Sure, beta players may have a clue about the game, weapons and skills out there, but as servers reset, everyone will start from scratch. Other than that, it is worth noting that one of the teams will attack, while the other one will have to defend.

Attackers will need to plant a bomb on their enemies’ site, then keep an eye on it until it explodes – similar to the first versions of Counter Strike. Defenders can win the game in two different ways – kill all attackers or simply detonate the bomb before time is up.

Valorant characters – Anything special?

There are loads of characters to combine in different ways, based on their characteristics. Riot has published a video with each character having a single life per round. In other words, if you die in the middle of the round, you stay dead until the next one.

There are 10 characters you can choose from:

  • Viper – smoke and projectile attacks;
  • Phoenix – fire based pyrotechnics;
  • Sova – relying on a bow and other similar weapons;
  • Cypher – a hunter with spying capabilities;
  • Breach – excellent crowd control abilities;
  • Raze – expert with bombs and grenades;
  • Jett – able to fly around;
  • Sage – great for the ability to heal other players;
  • Brimstone – able to handle aerial weapons;
  • Omen – great with teleportation;

Valorant experience – A few hints

The Valorant release date has hit the gaming industry with excitement and entertainment. But then, you want to know a bit more about the game too. Most beta players have streamed over Twitch, so the audience knows what to expect.

All in all, here are some of the most popular Valorant streamers over Twitch:

  • Trymacs
  • DrLupo
  • Onscreen
  • TimTheTatman

These are some of the most popular characters in the gaming world and given their popularity, they obviously received Valorant codes to introduce the game to the community too. Get some hints about the game and go through the questions and answers too.

Valorant in the world – Any future? Maybe the next esports?

Apart from mentioning the Valorant release date, Riot has also stated that the studio is ready to start a commitment of servicing to a growing Valorant community – a commitment that is expected to last for decades. The studio clearly has big ambitions and aims to turn this game into a cult.

While there are no official talks about it yet, it is expected for Valorant to make it to esports events at some point or another too. Based on the streams coming from beta players, it seems to have all the requirements.

As a short final conclusion, the Valorant release date was not the only update coming from Riot. Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler also mentioned some of the post launch upgrades for the game, which will bring in a new character, a new map and a new game mode as well. All these things will kick in soon after the 2nd of June, when the game is scheduled for the official release.

Only time can tell how far the game will get, but given the commitment from the studio, chances are it will seriously make an impact in the gaming community.