Asmongold is a YouTube and Twitch streamer who has been playing World of Warcraft since the summer of 2006 and the Warcraft series since 1997. He is streaming World of Warcraft, Dark Souls, PUBG, and Witcher III.

As of May 2019, Asmongold has just over 18,000 subscribers and broadcasts an average of 27,000 viewers. In 2020 it had 45,000-65,000 peak viewers.

Asmongold is a popular Twitch streamer from the United States whose real name is Zack Mcilreavey. He has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million.

Its content is primarily broadcasting the popular game World Of Warcraft, a game that it started playing during the summer of 2006. It got its name when it was 7 years old when it made code names with its friends and has kept it ever since. His favorite class is Warrior and he has been playing it since 2006. Asmongold has more than 1 million followers and has accumulated more than 110 million views since it started in 2011. He averages around 22,000 viewers per broadcast, with his peak highest of 98,500 spectators.

Streamers earn money through advertising revenue, subscribers, donations, and bits. Asmongold has more than 18,000 subscribers on the platform from which he earns a minimum of $ 2.50 per subscriber. This should add up to around $ 45,000 a month ($ 540,000 a year). He makes an equally high income through the other avenues.

Asmongold spoke out on April 17 2020, claiming Valorant viewers on Twitch were being misled by some of the game’s top streamers. Asmongold posted a video to Twitter, explaining why he was addressing the issue and particularly highlighted its impact on smaller streamers and the viewers:

I went on the Valorant section, looked at the top streams and three of the top four were f**king VoDs,” he revealed, claiming that a lot of smaller streamers “were afraid” to speak up.